Okay…I know it’s been almost three months since the 2010 Arapahoe Acres home tour. But, I’m so behind on everything in life, so I guess I’m actually a little early for me! So, I took pictures of most of the houses on the home tour. We had Ty in tow, so I was taking as many pictures as I could without any regard for artistry or composition. But, I’m selfish…I was most interested in capturing design and construction details that might be able to help me later in our own home.

Sorry for the lack in proper labeling on the houses. I’ll try to add my own personal notes as best I can…hold on for the daily blog posts for the next week with all of the pics…

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One thought on “2010 Arapahoe Acres Home Tour – The belated wrap-up post!

  1. Love the pictures from the tour! My daughter, son-in-law and I drove up from Texas for the Modernism show, but we didn’t make it to the tour…just drove through the neighborhood. It’s wonderful that you’re giving us a second chance to see inside.

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