One of the things I love most about living in Arapahoe Acres are the homeowners. Our neighborhood is filled with professionals from so many creative professional fields.  One of my neighbors in Stacie Smith. In addition to being a mom of three and the ringleader for our last two neighborhood home tours, she is also a professional photographer. Which means that we are super lucky to have her talent because she takes all of the pictures for our neighborhood newsletter! Our home is going to be featured in the upcoming Arapahoe Acres quarterly newsletter and Stacie shared some of the pictures with me.

While I love the light pouring into my house through the numerous windows, I can’t take a good picture of my home, so I’m so grateful to have these! Also, if you’re in the Denver area, Stacie takes amazing pictures of kids and families. I still cannot believe how she captured my Ty boy. If you look at her site, you’ll see how her Arapahoe Acres home is a stunning backdrop for much of her work. Click on the category menu on the left hand of her site to see all of the other Arapahoe Acres homes that she photographed the last several years.

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12 replies on “Arapahoe Acres Newsletter Pics

  1. Thanks for the kind words Lesley! If people head to my blog, they’ll get a bit of a repeat… my latest post has the same images. If anyone wants to see more AA homes, hit the Arapahoe Acres category link on the left hand side bar.

    1. I built two separate links into the post…I had the main link go directly to the AA category link so they get to see all of the lovely pics. And, the second one goes to the pics of Ty and I on your blog. Thanks again for the beautiful pics!!!!

    1. Hey Shannon…is that my Zachary Shannon here? Thanks so much…oh God no…my house is NEVER this clean. I made sure they were taking pictures right after I had it cleaned. And, you notice that there are no pictures of bedrooms or closets. ha ha!!!

  2. Great photos! Your Pad is looking Killer!

    Have you been refinishing your ceilings and beams? They seem to look exceptional and very glossy! If so I’d like to know what you’ve done as mine are still original and in need some some stain removal from roof leaks.

    1. Hi Ian—thanks so much! First, I’m seeing your blog for the first time today. You just went into my reader for ongoing fun. Actually, we totally stripped our beams and replaced the ceiling t&g. Here is a link to what we used to strip the beams (since they were coated in paint) and then refinished.

      The t&g and beams were finished with a stain color and a polyurethane (I think). Our stain guy did them. They weren’t supposed to be so shiny, but since our guy was really a furniture refinisher, it’s just what we did. :> We had to replace our T&G because ours were just so damaged. Our beams had quite a lot of water damage, but we sanded them like crazy and then our stain guy did some tinting in those areas to better hide it.

      Some of my neighbors have simply stripped and oiled their beams. Perhaps that would work for you? Our beams and T&G that are outside are simply oiled and no stain.

  3. Lesley – love the pictures…..they look right out of a magazine. she did a great job showing off you, Tim and ty’s hard work……..will that be submitted to “Amazing renovation” or “blood, sweat and tears – Redo’s and still I do’s!”

    1. Thanks so much Eleanor! We should start our own show called “Blood, Sweat and Tears – Redo’s and Still I Do’s”. I’ll credit you as an Executive Producer. You’ll have to have your own episode called the Green Shag Carpet Saga.

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