The 2009 Arapahoe Acres Home Tour was decidedly a huge success. We had some initial neighborhood resistance to having a ton of people parade through the hood, but a great turn out of lovely mid-mod fans made the day a big success.

7 Homes & 4 Gardens were open for tours from 10A to 2P. We had a little over 150 people attending, including a few City Councilmen and the Mayor of Englewood. The weather was cool, but sunny, and thankfully did NOT snow like this weekend. I got to meet a few lovely online friends from Twitter at the tour, which was a huge bonus.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to tour any of the homes and gardens, but I had seen about half of the homes before. And, Tim toured the homes and the owners said we could crash for informal tours at a later date. (I’ll be there!)

We raised about $3000 for our local elementary school, Charles Hay. My neighbors, Stacie & Cecilia, are parents of children at the school now and are helping launch the school’s new organic gardens. Since I am a future parent of a child that will attend the school, I’m so happy that we were able to raise money for the school while having so much fun.

We’re already talking about next year. We know that we’ll definitely hold tours when we know we’ll have a better guarantee of good weather. Hello summer, we need ya back! And, hopefully, our house will be in good enough shape to tour next year.

So glad that some of you were able to come out and meet us and tour our AA homes!

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