I’m not sure how other people follow blogs, but I use Google Reader to get updates on all of my favorite blogs. I should probably be embarrassed that I have over 400 blogs that I subscribe to in my Google Reader. Way before I “subscribed” to blogs, I checked in on one design studio blog, Blue Ant Studio. I found them somehow when I was googling “modern baby gate” something or another. They made the most amazing and simple modern baby gate for their home. Seriously, have you seen what most baby gates look like? Yuck! But, their baby gate was nothing but modern awesomeness. So, I’ve been following them since 2006. (Really, is it almost five years now?)

I really look forward to my Blue Ant Studio updates. I don’t where they find everything, but they post every single day with amazing modern designs. I’ve been inspired by so many things that they’ve posted.

Now, Blue Ant Studio is a design studio and they have these posters that I’ve wanted for a long time. And, the price is perfect for my budget. Here are the actual ones that I bought for our house I love the whimsy and the colors. (Have I mentioned that I’m afraid of color and making the wrong choices, so I thought this was a good first step). We placed them on the hallway wall where our bedrooms are. They peek through the louvered mahogany stairwell. Maybe one day I’ll get better frames with no glare glass, but this will do for now. What do you think? You really should check out Blue Ant Studio.




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  1. Hi Lesley!
    Thanks for the very kind words. Please let me know if I can use your picture for a post in my blog about you guys. I love your house!
    thanks again!

    joel pirela

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