During the last house “flip” the two bathrooms were completely replaced. I have no idea what condition they were in before that particular remodel. The current tile isn’t bad and we get lots of compliments. But, they replaced the original vanity cabinets with a really awful heavy plywood thing with really inappropriate sinks.

Now, fortunately, we have access to quite a few people who may know what may have been in our home originally. We have the local historian who is doing some consulting with us and we have our Wonder Woman agent, Shannon Stanbro at www.5280mod.com, and we have all of our neighbors who may have had similar bathrooms.

The local historian has suggested we reproduce the cabinets in mahogany, but in this style. The sinks would be either a Crane Drexel or a Crane Diana. We LOVE the Crane Drexel because of the integrated spout. I’ve found five in salvage plumbing companies around the country and I just found three today in a local salvage company.

Pics of our current bathrooms:

IMG_2246.JPG IMG_1498.JPG

Pics of the style of the new reproduction. We’re going to make our cabinets out of mahogany instead of white laminate. These pics are from www.5280mod.com – Shannon has a slideshow of mid-century modern bathrooms from various homes in the Denver area. I just couldn’t figure out how to link to the specific picture in her picasa slideshow…but, you should check out the entire slideshow on her site.

Now, look at what we found today…we found three Drexel sinks, but we also found a mysterious Crane Neuvogue sink…wider with a large integrated spout. It was beautiful and only $125. I’m trying to do research on it, but can find literally NOTHING on it. I took a picture of the Crane stamp on the back. Any ideas?




Oh the joy!

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15 replies on “Bathroom Restoration

  1. Hi Toronto Plumbing…actually, we haven’t made any changes yet. We are still in the exploration stages. We are waiting for our bids on the cabinet reconstruction and still figuring out our sinks. But, I will definitely be posting the gory details of the bathroom remodel with the plumbing details. Thanks for visiting my site!

  2. That Crane Neuvogue is from the late 30’s — if you want to sell it, I’d be interested. It should have come with chrome legs or a ceramic pedestal.

  3. If you do a search on the Neuvogue bathroom fixtures you should come up with a magizine that has an article on them from 1936. We recently bought a house that has the neuvogue sink, tub and toilet. I love them all, but the 70 year old toilet seat needs to be replaced. We can’t even figure out how to get it off. Becky

    1. Hi Mary…I recommend calling Deabath (http://deabath.com). They can typically send you new parts for your sink. Mine is STILL sitting waiting to be installed, so I don’t know if mine is still going to need a bunch of work!

  4. I have two of these sinks in white. Getting ready to do a bathroom remodel and was wondering if anyone would like to purchase them?

      1. I have a set of Henry Dreyfuss designed Crane Neuvogue fixtures in Sun Tan for sale; pedestal sink, toilet and bathtub; tub faucet is missing.

  5. I have the neuvogue sink, tub and toilet. My problem is I need a stem for my shower valve its huge and can’t find even a picture online. Any advice would be great.

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