Well, maybe we’re not completely to AFTER yet. Maybe more “in-progress” pics. But, when I tripped on some of our back yard pics before we started the addition. Big difference. I do miss having trees and we planning five fruit trees and a big shade tree right by our office.

Notice I’m only showing pictures of the back of the house. That’s because we didn’t change anything on the front. We really didn’t want to touch the front of the house. We think it was perfect just as it was. And, we followed the guidelines of our neighborhood convenants and guidelines about respecting the unique front facing features and details. Yea, we drink that historical Kool-Aid. I’ll be sure to do a little before/after of our interior shots soon, too.




Now, here’s the same views of the house now. It looks a little like a wild jungle with all of the garden plants.



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