I love finding new sites to share. I’ve gotten so much valuable information from fellow mid century remodelers and other modern sites. If you have any others that I don’t have  yet, send me a message and I’ll subscribe. These are all of the MCM and general design sites that I follow in my Google Reader.

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  1. I am looking to put a nanawall window from my kitchen into a three season room we are building. I saw the window on houzz and thought it looked like a great option
    Today I went to order the window and the local NH rep had my contractor and I on the phone for over an hour reviewing the contract. The procedure for ordering such a custom window actually scared me from submitting the order. There were so many clauses about liability /risk that it actually made me pause and rethink the integrity of the product I was trying to buy.
    It was easier to buy a house than a Nanawall. I am worried about this and rethinking my purchase and do some research . I read your blog and feel more confident in the reviews of the company , but had a very odd experience as a seasoned professional it made me pause.
    I would welcome any feedback from others on ordering process for residential and are my concerns legitimate?
    Thanks so much

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