The Coin House is spectacular! Built in the early 1960’s and designed by Tician Papachristou and Charles Haertling, it is a sprawling, beautiful time capsule. I didn’t think I’d be able to get over there, but we had a few minutes to dash through the house. Here are some of the pics.

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Here’s a huge bonus! Modern in Denver, the local modernism magazine, is hosting a special event at the Coin House on September 17 from 6-9PM. AND, they are previewing the Visual Acoustics – The Modernism of Julius Shulman film that is showing on September 24 at the Starz Film Center. I ran through the open house like my hair was on fire trying to see all of the cool details. If I had KNOWN about this event where I would get to slowly savor all of the fun loveliness, I would have chilled out. So, if you’re in Denver or anywhere nearby, RSVP at Modern In Denver for this rare event!

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One thought on “The Coin House – Pics to savor if you don’t have that spare $1.6 Million

  1. I just started reanidg your blog fairly recently, sometime over the summer. I am so very impressed and inspired! You make me think it might be possible for me to be fast, too! I live in your area and keep an eye out for you whenever I am in Reston. If I ever see you I will be sure to say hi.Good luck! You’re amazing!

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