We’ve been so focused on the remodel and haven’t spent much time on our future decor. Actually, our serious lack of funds is dictating that for now. But, I’ve been doing occasional scouring for mid-mod goodies. We can’t afford any great stuff (can you say a Womb chair), but we’ve been picking up some fun things. They ALL need lots of love and work, but here are some previews of fun to come.

Three Nelson lamps – notice how they are stashed in my closet. One small round, one medium round and one large saucer. The small round one is perfect. The medium round has a tear and the large one has a light bulb burn. But, I got them all for $300 and I sorta love them for being imperfect. And, I wouldn’t have been able to afford three perfect Nelson lamps.


My cool little white leather chair. Once upon a time, it was salmon colored. Not so nice. But, after fading and after stripping the leather, it is now just off-white. Who knew you could strip leather? I’m about to re-dye the leather…I’m starting with off-white because I like it so much. It only cost $69 and it is so comfy. This is a placeholder for the Womb chair that I’ll buy after I win lottery.


I don’t have a great picture of these, but my mom found a pair of nice 1950’s green vinyl chairs. They are low slung and cute, but they need to be re-built. My mom and I are trying to re-upholster them in a nice neutral pattern so that I can drag them around the house to any room. I just like the lines on them. And, my mom got to meet the granddaughter of the original owner.


This is my favorite find. It is a beautiful buffet. The side doors slide and lock. The middle drawers are lined for silverware. It’s only 16 inches deep. I had my eye on it for a while, but then my favorite local shop lost their lease and did some deep cuts. I can’t wait to share a home with it.


This light needs a little love, but I really like it. It telescopes up and down. It’s a bit more than I would have paid for a light, but we loved it. And, the new ones (they are still produced) are over $700 or something.


This was my first purchase for the house. I actually bought it before we moved into the house a year ago. It’s the most compact little desk. It was refinished by the same guy that is staining our ceiling, even though we didn’t know him back then.


We got one other light, but it’s all wrapped up and I never got a picture of it. But, it’s one of those swoopy kind of floor lamps that hangs over the room. Not the $2000 famous one, but a knockoff.

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