Been a while since I’ve posted, but we’ve been in the midst of contractor bidding. We got three recommendations. One from our architect, one from our agent, and one from another Arapahoe Acres house currently being remodeled. We felt a little bit like Goldilocks…this one was too big (pricey), this one was too small (didn’t give us quite as firm bids)…but, we found one that we think is going to be a great fit.

We’re not under contract yet, as we need to nail down a few final material selections, sub-contractors…and maybe manange the scope before we ink the contract. But, we feel really¬† good that we have a contractor that is into modern architecture and is being really creative about suggestions to increase our value and make our remodeling life easier.

Next steps:

1-Finalize materials and scope decisions

2-Rebid a few of the subcontractor bids

3-Nail down financing – We’re working with the City of Englewood on this, so we’re a bit at the mercy of the local municipal schedule. I’ll post about this later.

4-Draw up the master remodeling schedule

5-Finish the Historic Preservation Tax Credit Application

And for your midmod viewing pleasure, the picture shown is of the concrete block wall at our neighbor’s house…the concrete block wall was perfect for hiding Easter Eggs. That is my son in his first Easter Egg hunt.

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