I’m a few weeks behind, because we’ve been doing so much work, but I’m trying to catch up now. Tim and I thought we’d save a little money and demo our own concrete. If we had known how LITTLE money we’d save, we would have NOT done this little effort and just been drinking and planning instead. But, I digress…And, I hate to dwell on the negative.

So, we had three primary areas to demo. We had a side covered patio right off our kitchen, a rear concrete pad, which we think was the location of the utility shed and original incinerator, and we had our concrete walkway. It was very strong concrete—up to 7 inches thick in some areas. If our house is constructed half as well as our concrete, then we are golden.

Now, there is very little written about mid-century modern exterior landscape and hardscape, especially for Araphaoe Acres. But, Tim, is a Landscape Architect with a masters who has studied mid-century modern landscapes and a has a big appreciation for the design that apparently no one has appreciated. Our back yard walkway had this very cool triangular design and had not one single crack. It was fabulous.

Thus, we were probably the ONLY people in the world (especially Tim) who had an appreciation for our simple path pattern and we went and destroyed it. We were sad and approached the demo with dignity and reverence and hoped that Ed Hawkins would forgive us.

Now, if you ever need advice on how to demo concrete, we are your people. But, I’d probably recommend you just hire it out. But, my arms are looking rather fabulous.

photo.jpg IMG_0638.JPG


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