I’m a little late posting this, but better late than never. There was a quasi house tour in Krisana Park a few weeks ago. Several houses are for sale, so a big open house tour was held. Most of the houses are listed by MileHiModern, but a few were listed by owner or other realtors.

MileHiModern is one of the handful of realtors in the Denver metro area that specializes in modern home listings, including MidCentury Modern homes. (We didn’t use MileHiModern when we bought our house, as we used a buyers-only agent). Craig & Peter from MileHiModern have a great website and do a lot to promote Denver modern architecture. (I also thank them for holding open houses and tours for the million dollar dream modern homes that I can no way ever afford, but love to admire!)
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Here is what I’ve always admired about the Krisana Park neighborhood & houses:

  • Houses seem to have a really open floorplan that I always like.
  • All of the Krisana houses I’ve seen have these great indoor/outdoor spaces — most with fabulous & private patios and outdoor dining spaces.
  • Fences – I don’t know who is doing all of the fence designs in Krisana, but I love the horizontal wood slats. Not sure what would have been original, but I love them.
  • Concrete Block Details – A lot of the houses have this cool bump out on the concrete block. It really adds depth and fun!
  • I love all of the details that people have included in their updates. Great modern mailboxes, house numbers, lighting, etc.
  • The new kitchens & bathrooms being updated are beautiful.
  • I love the excitement. I saw a huge number of people touring these houses. I love that so many people are interested in midcentury modern architecture!

Now, I’m not an architecture critic or an expert by any means at all, but here is a little wish list for houses in Krisana.

  • I don’t know if there are any Krisana Houses that have any original kitchens or bathrooms. All of the updated bathrooms and kitchens I’ve seen are really beautiful, but I wish I could see what they were originally.
  • As I said before, the concrete block work and details on the Krisana houses are great, but so many of the houses have built-up layers of paint, which I think lessons the “pop” factor of the details. I wish that the paint could be stripped so that the details and point tucking and mortar were more defined. (I wish this for my house, too. We’re trying to strip down our concrete block to see the details.)
  • Just like in our house, some of the houses have layers upon layers of paint on the walls and baseboards. I wish that more of the houses had stripped the old paint layers before painting more (I wish the same thing for my house)

Here are some links for Krisana Park.

  • Krisana Park website
  • Krisana pictures from ModMidMod.com
  • Numerous blog postings about Krisana at Denmod.com
  • MileHiModern’s web page detailing Krisana Park history & driving tour info.
  • Also, be on the lookout for the annual Krisana Park house tour, which I believe happens in the fall and benefits the local elementary school. I don’t have a link, but Denmod.com has announcements on it. I recommend subscribing to Denmod.com’s announcements.
  • I just found this blog, which I’ll be adding to my blogroll. “A Chair in a Room” is a Denver blog created by Heidi Mendoza and she has a post (and great interior photos) of the Krisana Park tour.
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