This is shaping up to be a great summer for MidCentury Modern architecture touring in Denver. Last summer, our agent toured us through many, many houses trying to find our home. Now, we’re trying to restore our home. But, this summer, our touring will be all for fun!

Historic Denver & the Kirkand Museum are putting on the Summer Of Modernism program. For only $30, we get a weekend of touring MidCentury Modern homes in the Hilltop neighborhood of Denver, a three-month membership to the Kirkland Museum, and a kick-off party at the Kirkland Museum on June 4. I’m even going to get a babysitter, which is shocking!

As a bonus, MileHiModern is having Open Houses at four Krisana Park Houses this Sunday, May 31 from 1-4PM.

I’ve been in quite a few Krisana Park homes, but I have only been in a few Hilltop MidCentury Modern gems. One was a a sad neglected mess and the other was just last week at the Joshel House Estate Sale.

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3 replies on “Denver Summer of Modernism – Including Tours of Hilltop MidCentury Modern Gems

  1. Can’t wait to see the pictures that emerge from this tour. A little birdie told me several homes are completely intact.



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