Are there things that you’ve seen at garage/estate sales, vintage shops or junk stores that you looked at, did a double-take, put it down, but years later wish you had gotten it? I know I’ve had a few things like that. As I’ve posted before, one of the best things about buying our house and renovating it has been the people we’ve gotten to know. I’ve gotten to be good friends with our architect’s family. Chris’s wife, Tiffany, and I have become ebay selling buddies (we’re both obsessed). And, when I realized that she had been collecting vintage objects for the last twenty years, I encouraged her to open up her own Etsy shop.

Tiffany is now open for business at IF ONLY SHE HAD BOUGHT IT on Etsy. She has a huge store filled with unique vintage items. I’ve got a few random things listed on her site, also. Here are a few of the things that she had listed in her store that I begged her to just hand to me instead. Aren’t these so cute?


Danish salt shaker & pepper grinder. I had actually been looking for a pair to keep on the dining table. And, here Tiffany had these in her collection for the last decade!

I had to have these glasses. Aren’t they great. They are my favorite glass for a daily cocktail.

If you’re an etsy fiend, be sure to add Tiffany’s store, If Only She Had Bought It, to your etsy “circles” or favorite sellers.

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