Here are a few facts about my little neglected blog:

1 – While it appears that I haven’t done anything on my blog in a million years, trust that I have mentally written about 100 posts. One day I’ll actually get to them.

2 – Readers have this blog from around the country have shared with me ideas and recommendations (for our ongoing house project) that have saved me oodles of time and money. Yea for me.

3 – I’ve met the best people through this blog. I often forget that I haven’t actually met a lot of people in person. And, with that, I recently met a new friend through this blog. This is where it gets cool.

Sean Jourdan is a Denver filmmaker who is working on his most recent project, “Teddy Boy”. He contacted me, as the backdrop for this psychological thriller is here in Colorado. Specifically, the primary location was written as a modern home. He contacted me to find potential ideas. While I would have loved to have him shoot his movie in my house, my house isn’t a fit. But, we had fun brainstorming local modern house ideas.

I’m so excited to say that Sean is potentially able to shoot his movie in this Denver area mid-century modern gem. This house was designed by Joseph Lort, an architect, who has other homes that are recognized for their historical¬†significance. (One of his other homes was on the 2009 Historic Denver Summer of Modern Home Tour).

Here’s what I love about this particular house where Sean hopes to shoot his movie.

– I love the dramatic lines – look at that overlook/balcony.

– It’s in Bow Mar – a neighborhood southwest of Denver – all of the homes are on expansive lots adjacent to a lake and with views of the mountains. There WERE a lot more mid-century modern gems in this neighborhood, BUT…you know what happens, right? Scrape, scrape, scrape. The fact that this house is still here and has been restored is fabulous.

РThis house is on the cover of the Historic Denver Modern Home Guide. (Which, by the way, you gotta know that these books are great. There are 20 books Рfor all of the historic neighborhoods in Denver).

Here’s the kicker—this house is a few grand over Sean’s location budget. Sean has met his fundraising goal for his movie. If he can raise just a few more thousand dollars, he will be able to shoot his movie in this fabulous house. I’m totally selfish—I want to see the interior of this house! Want to help? Contributions of ANY amount are welcome. And, even if you can’t contribute, can you please forward/post this on your Facebook/Twitter/Blog pages?


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