When we got back from Thanksgiving vacation, we thought things were a little strange in the house. A plant was knocked over and then I started finding little bits of poo. We freaked out thinking it was from mice. But, we couldn’t seem to trap the mice. A week later, Tim ran upstairs after working in the garage (on the kitchen cabinets) and found the culprit. We had a squirrel trying to make our home his home. We aren’t sure how he got in, but we think it was the fireplace….since he ran straight for it when we flushed him out.

We’re not sure if the flu was messed up or what. But, we don’t light many fires and we just haven’t had time to put a proper animal deterrent thingy on the top of the fireplace. The firewood stuffed fireplace was my aesthetically pleasing answer to keeping the squirrels out.

Postscript: Now the squirrel sneers at us from outside of our window. We think he’s plotting his revenge.

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One thought on “Fireplace Follies

  1. Hi Lesley!
    I am completely in LOVE of your house!!! 😀
    I have a website about mid-century modern design, houses, designers etc. and I would really like to write a post with an house tour of your amazing home!
    What do you think? Would you like it too? 🙂
    Let me know by email !

    Thanks and congrats for the great job you did so far!


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