On Friday, the footers were poured. Looks like pretty serious business here. Two concrete trucks with pumps OVER the top of the house. Quite the operation. But, it only took a few hours. The forms will get pulled next week and the foundation walls will get constructed. I think the addition will start looking like a real house soon.

Today, the stem walls got poured. Looking more and more like somewhere to live.

But, to be honest…I didn’t know anything about all of this until last week. I KNEW I was getting all of these things done for our addition and remodel, but I didn’t quite understand. I was having a very hard time conceptualizing all of this until actually seeing it happen. I’m dense like that. But, it’s cool to watch!

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2 replies on “Foundation Footers & Stem Walls Poured

  1. I just sit and stare in wild wonder at the extent of this project. I’m coming out for a visit when it’s done. For sure.



  2. I think I’m a little bit in wild wonder too! We can’t wait until we’re done & can start hosting continuous MCM cocktail hours (or days).

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