While we were still in the massive mess of our addition and restoration/restovation, I was already on the prowl for things to decorate our house. One small problem. It took Tim and I about four years to decide/negotiate/agree on our couch. So, I knew I couldn’t just WAIT until we were ready to move back into the house before I started scouting out the furnishings for our house. If you’ve seen the 5280 Magazine article, you already know about our favorite Denver vintage shops. (Later this week, I’ll be posting MORE about the things that I bought at all of these places and a few other favorite sources I have).

Tim and I felt pretty good about big stuff…dining room tables, barstools, big furniture. But, we are paralyzed when it comes to choosing new color palettes and small stuff…you know, the stuff that actual Interior Designers are good at. But, since I spent most (or all) of our money on the actual house project, I didn’t have the means to have a professional Interior Designer on retainer (although, wouldn’t that be the most amazing thing ever).

And now I introduce you to Jamie Foley at the blog, Sanctuary Home. I first “met” Jamie online on Twitter (back when I was pretending that I could keep up with one more online place.) But, I met her there and then started following her blog (and subsequently met her briefly at the 2009 Arapahoe Acres home tour). I really liked Jamie’s blog and the work she was doing for her clients. I liked that she worked with all different styles And, I love her Craigslist “round-up’s” of great finds. So, I contacted Jamie and asked if she’d be open to working with me on a consulting basis. As I said, I really would have loved to have hired her for a comprehensive interior design services, but she agreed to work with me on an consulting basis to give me some strategic guidance.

– Take a look at our house and the decor/furnishings that we’d already started collecting.

– Listen to my (maybe) crazy ideas of colors and wish lists and tell me if she thought it was a good direction or not.

– Keep an eye out for furniture that might be a fit in our house. (She’s been doing a lot of that, but I just haven’t had the funds for the really fun stuff).

– Ask for any suggestions for making our house a home.

Jamie was awesome. She told me I wasn’t crazy about some of our decisions and that we were on a good path. But, she said that we were definitely MISSING something. We were missing things that made our house uniquely ours. Yea, we agreed. But, since Tim and I seem to be afraid of STUFF, you know the cool stuff and collections that would make the house, that made it a little hard.

Well, we took a few little baby steps. We had to hang some art on the wall. But, we don’t really have any art. So, I did the best I could to personalize our walls. On our bedroom walls, I framed pages from a ┬ávintage skiwear catalog from 1974. I found the catalog in Tim’s old childhood boxes. Tim and two of his siblings all posed in the Aspen Skiwear catalog when they were kids. (Their Dad owned a commercial photography and ┬ávideo business. Hence, they were the free models). I loved them and hated them being boxed up. And, the catalogs were falling apart, so I framed them as our art.


All of the pictures lined up with the cover page.


Tim is letter A.


I don’t know exactly which one is Tim.


Tim is letter C. His brother, Mark, is letter A and his sister, Amy, is letter B. Cute, huh?


Tim is letter B on this one.

Now, this is something totally different. I recently found this watercolor in a stored box. One night I was waiting for friends at one of our favorite San Francisco restaurants, Plouf. The man sitting next to me at the bar was doing watercolors. Before I knew it, he had done a sketch of me and a watercolor. Tim mounted it on foam core and I saved it. I always liked it and reminds me of San Francisco memories.


These shots below are pictures of the office. Tim framed design sketches from one of his favorite graduate school studio projects.


These below are just more graduate school projects. You can’t see the detail, but they are actually cool little design vignettes.


And, that is my first attempt at “personalizing” our house and making it more of a home. I’ll post more pics this weekend of other personal additions we’ve made lately. It’s already made a big difference in the house to have items that are really uniquely us. We needed that nudge from Jamie Foley to actually do it, though.

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7 replies on “After the Mess, Then the Fun…Furnishing our House

  1. Blushing! I love what you have done with the art. It makes me eager for another consulting appointment to see all the little details you have finished and come up with some more ideas.

  2. Lesley – The house is looking absolutely amazing! I am eager to “see” it in the pages of 5280, but am most eager to really see it during this year’s Arapahoe Acres Home Tour. As I have worked closely with Jamie Foley in the past, she truly is a designer with great vision and a terrific aesthetic. See you soon!

    1. Hi Martha! Sadly, we are not doing a tour this year. So many families are having crazy summers. But, I may be doing a happy hour/open house this fall for some of my Denver mid-mod peeps! If you send me your email, I’ll include you on the invite. :>

    1. Hi Raina! I just realized that your comment got caught in the spam net. Welcome! And, glad I found your blog through Jamie this week.

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