There have been so many great gingerbread houses across the modern blogosphere, like our AtomicIndy friends here.. While I don’t have the artistic talent, I wanted in on the fun. A few families on my block got together for a little gingerbread making party. We had seven kids and three mommas. We set the kiddos up with graham crackers and all of the fixings, but we had the good homemade baked gingerbread fixings for the moms.

It was a little frantic with the frosting flying for seven kids between the ages of 20 months and 9 years old, but it was fun. Stacie and I both attempted to do gingerbread houses inspired by our own home designs. Stacie has great pictures of her own house on her own blog here. I made a few extra houses with basic butterfly roofs for the other two moms.

The kids had a blast!
Gingerbread houses

Personally, I love this house the best. I baked the walls, but my architect/former engineer neighbor, Jo, totally rocked this butterfly roof house. I just loved it.

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