I mentioned a few weeks ago that our house was used to shoot a commercial for the Goodwill of Denver. We were connected to the location scout for the production agency through our real estate agent, Shannon Stanbro. They were here for about 12 hours with a crew shooting in our master bedroom and our office. We stayed out of the house for most of the day because 4 year old’s aren’t typically too good with staying quiet and still, right.

Here are the spots recorded. You can tell that it’s our bedroom, but they really just shot against our concrete block wall in the office. It’s funny how they pulled so many things from around our house in the commercial. There is actually one item that I purchased from Goodwill!

Pretty fun…They are welcome to come back anytime to shoot any more commercials. The money from this commercial paid for our C. Jere Bird Sculpture.

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    1. Thanks Pam…so funny, huh? They had an actor in a green bodysuit and had an entire green screen set up for the talking shirt.

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