I got a great tip today for stripping our beams. It might give us a less painful option for removing all of the heinous white paint! Troy at Kingswood Redo sent me a link to a really website that documents the history and remodel of an  Eichler in San Mateo, CA. It’s done as a website and not as a blog, so I can’t find the contact information for the beautiful site’s owner…but, here are the links and I’ve added it to my blogrolls on the right.

Eicher Remodel Site

The owner of the remodeled Eichler house also lived in three mid-century modern homes in California when he was growing up. He has an amazing collection of pictures of his parents’ homes. We’ve been thinking about some “built-in’s” for our planned study and his parents home has good inspiration for us.

Eicher Site – with history and house tours – and even original house plans

Oh yea…that great tip about stripping. The Eichler home used the “Paintshaver” which apparently saved lots of time in stripping the beams…and apparently it didn’t damage them. I have some research to do now.

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One thought on “Great new link and remodel site find

  1. Good luck on the paintshaver. I saw the recommendation on the Eichler site when we bought ours, but it lasted about a day before I realized it was still going to be a gargantuan task, with or without Paintshaver 🙁

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