After our consult with Jamie Foley from the blog, Sanctuary Home, we’ve been keeping our eyes open for things to add to the house that would help us make it a home. And, to fill out so much of the empty space. One day while driving around and procrastinating house projects (and I think it was raining), we stopped in at Lee Alex Decor on Broadway. I’ve been looking for bookshelves, but Tim looked high on the wall at a sculpture. (I tend to forget to look up high since I’m height challenged).

After we asked Theo and Heather at Lee Alex about the sculpture, we learned that the sculpture had been pulled out an old restaurant on Littleton Blvd down in Littleton. Tim then realized that he remembered the sculpture. He grew up going to that particular restaurant and had a lot of friends waiting tables there. I think the sculpture was installed in the 60’s, but I love that we found something that had a little personal history for Tim and mid-century.

So, here we go. It’s a C. Jere sculpture. It’s actually three separate pieces. Tim wanted to have them overlap a bit, but he didn’t want to drill into the actual block. So, he drilled into the joints of the block. The sculpture was originally black, but the paint has worn off over the years and left mostly the brass(?) finish. We could go ahead and strip the birds, but we kind of like the random half black, half metal finish.



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7 replies on “Here come the Birds

    1. Hey Martha. Can you believe? No signature because the original black finish is almost all worn off. But, I’m not planning to sell it. I’ve looked at some of the C. Jere pieces, but nothing that ever in our price range and nothing that Tim & I agreed on. We didn’t have the money for this, but I knew we probably wouldn’t come across a set of three sculptures like this for the price ever again. And, of course, I liked that Tim remembers this sculpture from the restaurant of his youth. The great thing is that we ended up shooting a commercial in our house about a month later. They paid us almost the exact same amount to use the house as the cost of the sculpture. So, I like to think it was meant to be. And, I have no idea what else could have filled that space as well. We’re so happy we tripped on it!

      1. Your C. Jere piece is particularly wonderful – most of the ones I have seen lately are the “scenics”, which I am not as crazy about. Congrats on the perfect score!

  1. Looks great. Perfect proportions for the spot. I, too, saw it at Lee-Alex and liked the finish “as-is”.

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