The Kohn/Nueseteter House was the second stop on our Historic Denver Summer of Modernism Tour. Fortunately, we were allowed to take pictures of the interior of this house. This Usonian house was designed by Victor Horbein and it is huge! It’s loaded with wood on the walls, wood on the ceiling, wood everywhere. I got a surge of confidence when a tour volunteer reported that the owners has stripped all of the wood like we are doing. I would have never guessed. It looks like it had always been treaured and not covered in paint!

After looking at other Flickr streams from Historic Denver, I’m pretty sure I missed an entire week of the house! This house is large and looks like it has done some entertaining over the years. But, even with the formal living areas, it seems like a casual, easy living house. I can imagine running around barefoot in this house with all of the doors open and living very much and indoor/outdoor existence. (Hey, isn’t that what I want when our house is finished?) Also, I love how the current owners have covered the bedroom corridor hallway in family photos and memorabilia.

The bedrooms are really large and all loaded with great built-in’s. Two of the bedrooms open directly onto the rear patio/yard area. Yep, they have a pool…again, I think there have been some good parties over the years.

Oh, and by the way, I love the flat roof, all of the windows…tons of clerestory/transom windows.

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