2009 Historic Denver Mid-century Modern Hilltop House Tour
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House Tour

The Denver Summer of Modernism Home Tour was last month & I’m finally getting to write about them. Shannon Stanbro at 5280mod had a great post with great pics here. She covers the historical details, while I’ll tell you my non-professional opinion of the houses. Here is a picture of each of the houses we visited.

The Francis House @ 35 Eudora


Kohn/Nueseteter House @ 1 Eudora


The Amter House @ 222 S. Fairfax


The Touff House @ 47 Ash


The Neufield House @ 40 S. Bellaire


We had Ty in to & it was crazy weather so we skipped the church and the last house. I’ll post a flickr slideshow for each of the houses above in the next posts. But, definitely check out these links.

Here is Historic Denver’s detailed house tour information. This provides details on the architect, the style of architecture, and some fun background on each house.

Historic Denver also posted a Flickr Stream of photos here.

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