Even though I had hoped to post for 30 consecutive days to celebrate the Denver Modernism Show & our 5280 Magazine Article, this weekend got crazy fast! ┬áMy Arapahoe Acres neighbor, Cecilia, and I have been trying to potluck some meals when both of our husbands’ are working in China. (Her husband is a Landscape Architect, too…and since there is no work here in the US, they are both camped out in China for work). But, Cecilia made the event a little bigger. With all of the kids headed off to school next week, we did a neighborhood potluck with a few AA neighbors and our “North Side” neighbors in the adjoining neighborhood. There houses are all mid-century post-war wood houses. Because they’re on the north side of the street, they all have nice big front porches, which is perfect for drinking beer. We have a little friendly rivalry between the North Side and the South Side. It’s all in good fun, of course. We like to think we have the best block in the city. We have at least four formally organized block parties a year and a half-dozen informal gatherings a year, too.

To celebrate my love of our little block, I had my mom make beer coozies for my beer-drinking neighbors for a party a few weeks ago. They say “Bates Ave Social Club” on one side and either “North Side” or “South Side” on the opposite side. Aren’t they cute?

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