Our agent, Shannon Stanbro at 5280mod.com, once again gave us the heads-up that an estate sale was happening at a Denver MidCentury Modern gem. This house is in Hilltop, a neighborhood in Denver that once had many more MidCentury Modern houses, many which have been razed for much larger and “unique” architectural styles (The McMuddle, The McMansion, The Italianate Tuscan Villa, etc.). Fortunately, the owner of this house was an art patron and actually got her house on the National Historic Register, so it should be protected from scraping.

Shannon is going to the house this weekend and will undoubtedly get better pictures than I have here. So, check out her blog next week at www.5280mod.com. Here is the link to Mrs. Joshel’s obituary in the Denver Post.

So, this was our first time at an Estate Sale. We got there about 5 minutes after the sale had officially started, which must mean that we were about an hour late. She had a few great furniture pieces, but her big table was already sold. I am assuming that many of the estate sale “pros” were not MidCentury Modern fans, but were aggressively trying to “work” the estate sale volunteers to lower the prices. Because the estate sale proceeds are being donated to art non-profits, the sale was completely manned by volunteers and they held their ground on prices on the really big pieces (like the cool orange couch). Apparently, Mod Livin, a great store on Colfax in Denver that specializes in new and vintage modern pieces had given the estate executors good appraisals for the big pieces so that they wouldn’t unwittingly be negotiated down. Good for them!

I tried to take pictures, but it was a madhouse with the people. I’m short, so I had to watch out for elbows in my face. The house looks original with lighter wood wall paneling and wood ceilings. There was a beautiful wall built-in cabinet in the living/dining room that I really liked. I’m pretty sure that the kitchen had been re-done with new cabinets…maybe in the 70’s or 80’s. I’d like to hear what Shannon Stanbro or our architect, Chris Craver, thinks since they both saw it.

It looks like the bathrooms had been redone in recent years for “universal access”. But, somehow, they maintained the nice built-in’s tucked between the bathroom and bedroom. All of the original bullet lights looked brand new. You’ll also notice lots of yard art. I’m not really educated in art, but my husband, Tim often has to help commission art for public art spaces for projects and he thought they were incredible. They are all being donated to Denver non-profits. Pretty nice.

Sorry for the poor quality pics – I still cannot find my camera battery charger, so I’m dependent on the iphone. Oh well, we’ll have to wait for Shannon’s pictures next week.

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