Okay, not really. But, we went a little crazy trying to finish up the backyard landscape in August. We agreed to host our annual Arapahoe Acres Neighbor’s Night Out at the end of August. And, while we knew that we are never really “finished”, we wanted to have as much done as we could on our house. So, we got through the Neighbor’s Night Out and I ceremoniously decided to put all of our house projects on hiatus. But, we got to have a little fun.

– We went to the Denver Modernism Show in August. I didn’t find any new things for the house, but we had lots of fun wandering around the booths. I got lots of ideas for fun stuff, though.

– We found ourselves at the totally retro Lakeside Amusement Park outside of Denver one Sunday afternoon. It’s sorta neglected, but so awesome. The old roller coaster even has historical designation. I wish I could take a decent picture because the signs for each attraction were just so awesome. Such great typography!



– We took a long weekend to Grand Junction. We toured through Colorado National Monument.
Even found a nice 1960’s Mid-Mod Visitor Center. Don’t you love the Park Service?

– We visited the Dinosaur Museum in Fruita. We apparently are trying to visit every single dinosaur museum in the US.

– We picked apples & pears at a “You Pick Em” Farm. We snagged 25 pounds of Palisade Peaches for $20. We brought them home and froze them and now break them out for the happiest Peach Daiquiris ever.

– We attended the Wheat Ridge Modern Home Tour. We didn’t have a lot of time to tour, so we just hit a few homes. I was especially surprised how much I liked the 1970’s Modern Home that was featured. (Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of it…or, maybe I need to check my iphone).



Kudos to ModMood and the modern folks in Wheat Ridge for a fun afternoon.

Now, that we’re on hiatus, we’re planning for a big family Halloween Party and just trying to enjoy life a little. Well, at least when Tim is in the country. Maybe I’ll even get caught up on blogging again.

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