It’s been a challenge tackling our house projects with Tim traveling to Hong Kong and China 1-2 weeks every month. I think we’re headed into month 18 of that routine? So, sometimes I try to keep projects moving when he’s gone. I don’t always do so good. It’s hard to be motivated when you’re alone. But, Tim was good enough to landscape the entire front yard by himself while we were in Louisiana.

Tim and I started tackling the East side of our house this past weekend. We’d started on the patio, which is right outside our dining room, but we hadn’t started with anything else. This is the primary entrance to our backyard, so I’m ready for it to be something besides dirt that acts like concrete.

Here is what it looked like BEFORE we started.
photo 1.JPG
Yep, that’s just dirt. But, we’ve rolled so much heavy equipment over it that it’s as hard as concrete. Not exactly ready for planting.

And, here is what it looks like now. Its still not finished, but it’s a lot better. This is the same view from the front yard looking down to the backyard.

This is walking a little further into the side yard.

Oops…just realized that one of my sandstone pavers is missing a corner. Guess I’m replacing that stone tomorrow. Also, that’s just grey breeze by the side of the back door. During the winter, I like to keep the recycling bins and trash can right there. It’s easy to just stick my hand out the door with the trash/recycling without freezing.

This is looking back from the side yard towards the front yard. Those planks of wood are from the trees that we had taken down when we did our addition. One of the trees was dying, so it’s got lots of cracks. That wood isn’t good enough to make anything out of, but it seems to be perfect for a pathway. If you want to see the story of our trees that we had cut down, see this blog post from two years ago.

Here’s a good view of the sandstone patio. It’s a lot smaller than our west side, but this one was trickier. Because it is smaller, it had more cutting and less room for forgiveness. I basically built this one twice. But, now it is looking better.

Here is the view from the backyard across the patio and down the planks. We planted the lower grasses along the edge of the patio, but Tim told me I need to replant them closer to the edge of the patio so that he has room to install his “green wall” behind it.

Tomorrow, I’m trying to finish everything I can. Between the wood planks, we’re planting wooly thyme. It’s a petite, but sturdy ground cover. After it grows in, the entire side yard should be wooly thyme with just the walkway and patio peeking out.

I then need to jump back to the west side of the house and plant these 17 shrubs along the fence wall along the edge of the patio. I think it might be another long day tomorrow.

Tim has a few other big projects. He is going to build a narrow shed to hold our garden stuff and lawnmower. And, he wants to build a green “wall” right behind the low row of plants in front of the stone patio. So that we just see a wall of green when we look out the window. But, that’s a project for another day. At least we have a path around the back yard finally.

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One thought on “Landscape Progress

  1. That’s a lovely place for their nest! haha! Do you (or your falmiy) have plans to take it down or so? I’m just curious. ^3^I like all kind of blueish to purpleish colors so it’s really hard to decide from your palette. Either way, the guest bathroom must look great afterwards. ^^[]

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