I can’t believe it’s already late July. I have the feeling that we’re constantly busy, but it’s so hard to remember what we’ve been doing. But, I can think of a few things…

– We’ve been working hard on the yard. Our garden is looking good and we are harvesting lots of good stuff. We finished the patios, although we still need to sweep in all of the sand between the joints.



– Our house was recently used in a commercial for Goodwill of Denver. I don’t have a copy of the commercial yet, but it was pretty interesting. I’ll post more details after I get a link to the commercial. As Tim said, “it’s about time that our house started earning money!”. Also, it’s sort of ironic because I spend all of my money at Goodwill!

– Our architect, Chris Craver, was contacted earlier this summer by 5280 Magazine about a possible feature in 5280 Magazine. The columnist came out and talked with Tim, Chris and I, but we didn’t know until recently if the article would happen, but I just heard that home subscribers received their August copies and we are in it! I’ll be posting the links to it and giving my commentary this week after I see it. Fun, huh?

– We are hosting the Arapahoe Acres neighborhood Neighbors’ Night Out in a few weeks. I know that seems pretty mellow, but we are excited that we finally feel that we can host parties! Sure, we’ve had people over, but since our neighbors all live in amazing, beautiful houses, it’s a little more nerve wracking. The yard is ALMOST ready for a proper Arapahoe Acres patio party!

– Oh yea, I’ve been shopping. A little bit at a time over the last year, but I haven’t posted about it all yet. We are slowly collecting some cool things that are still pretty kid-friendly. So much more work needed, but it seems as though our house feels more like a home and less like a construction zone.

– I’m itching for changes to the blog. So, lookout for changes. I’m strictly amateur, but I still like to play around with things. Also, I’d like to make the site a bit more searchable. And, I have so many things in draft that I need to finally post.

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