We’ve been slowly trying to meet more Arapahoe Acres neighbors. There are so many beautiful houses and I can see glimpses of beautiful interiors. One of our favorite houses is the “Irish House”, named for the original owners of a particularly nice corner house. I called the current owners a while ago and asked if we may see their home to get ideas of what our home MAY have been. They current owners very graciously invited us to their house, where they have lived for the last 40 years.

This picture is from the Arapahoe Acres website. There is a full description of the house here: http://arapahoeacres.org/architect/irish.html

Well, it was more than lovely! Not just lovely, it also gave me hope for our house…they have the same mahogany trim around their windows and it was so nice to see it UNPAINTED! They kindly let me click pictures so we can incorporate into our house plans. They also had the same bathroom configuration that our house probably had and what we are going to restore. So nice to see…

The most consistent theme in their house is mahogany paneling. It’s everywhere. It is on the walls, it hides invisible doors and cabinets and the access to their exterior louvered windows. The wood is stained a bit lighter than some of the other houses we’ve seen, so it’s great to see the range of mahogany stains that were done.

I’ve included a picture of the mahogany louvered stairway. It is floor to ceiling louvers. It almost looks like a solid wall, but they are angled to look solid at one angle, but totally transparent from another.

It’s a really great pleasure to meet neighbors who have loved and appreciated their mid-century modern home for so many years. And, what a pleasure that they let us into their home – WITH our crazy toddler no less.


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