If you happened to see my blog a few weeks ago, I posted about my friend, Tiffany, and her cool vintage, mini-modern estate sale finds. She had listed her “rooms in miniature” on ebay. We were really hoping that they would find a new home where they could be appreciated.

The three “rooms” did sell on ebay. The living room was bought by blogger, Call of the Small. She assembled the set and took great picture ¬†of the room on her blog. Head over there to see the awesomeness. Tiffany is trying to contact the buyer of the other two “rooms” to see if we can see assembled photos of her two rooms. I still can’t believe that they sold these little rooms with everything down to the artwork, wall panels and furniture. So much fun!

Photo Credit: Call of the Small Blog – photo links directly to her fabulous site. Check out her post for all of the miniature modern fun.

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