One of the greatest outcomes of our big remodel/restovation has been the friendship with our architect, Chris Craver, and his wife, Tiffany. Like Tim and I, they share our champagne taste and on a Microbrewery Beer budget. And, they have short people living in their house, too. Since fun, part-time, lucrative jobs just aren’t being thrown our way, Tiffany and I have gotten a creative lately. I started selling random stuff on eBay (mostly ladies clothes & shoes) and then I roped Tiffany into the madness.

While I’m selling boring old shoes, Tiffany has been collecting cool vintage items for the last twenty years. She is selling some items on eBay now and I’m working with her to launch her vintage etsy site. In the meantime, I HAVE to post about this cool mid-century miniature stuff that she has!

Tiffany has three unopened and never used boxes of mid-century modern miniature “rooms”. Seriously, they are like little miniature dioramas with cool Danish furniture and wood paneling and wallpaper. Everything to be assembled. And, none of it has been opened. She has a full living room, dining room and bedroom. They are seriously cute. Of course, her kids and my child would destroy them in five minutes, so they need to go to a home where they will be treasured (and not mutilated).

Here are the “Rooms in Miniature” posted on eBay — BedroomDining RoomLiving Room

Here are some of the pictures of the box and unassembled furniture and decor.

Front of the box – shows the final size of the room.


Description on the box.


Little hard to see, but this is the packaged up furniture that has never been set up.


More of the boxed up components. Do you see those little wood panels for the walls?


The full dining room all set up. The room includes the artwork and the wall units, too.


I love the bedroom. Look at that built-in bed and shelf.

Do you think I could Tim to build this for me in my real home? In big person size?

Tiffany and I were trying to do some background research on these little “rooms”. Not quite dollhouses, as they are standalone rooms. These particular rooms are from the 1960’s from Miner Industries. These have the original sales tag from Montgomery Ward. My mother, a child of the 1950’s and 1960’s thinks that the rooms were a more economical gift than an entire dollhouse. We couldn’t find much on the actual manufacturing company, but we came across an entire world of people who collect miniatures and a smaller world of those that collect modern miniatures. And, for your reading pleasure, here are some cool links that I found.

First, a New York Times article from 2008 about the Modern Miniature World. There are loads of links within that article. Mostly, these appear to be people creating, collecting and building new modern houses, rooms and furniture.

Here is a blog called Mini Modern with lots of current modern miniatures. This blog has a link to a flickr stream of mini modern furniture. I want it all.

Want to buy your own Mini Modern house? You can on Etsy here.

I love this blog, Call of the Small. It looks like she has old and new modern miniatures.

Miniatures by Annina is another great modern mini blog.

And, who knew there was an entire magazine dedicated to miniature houses/architecture – Small Magazine is a magazine for all of these miniature design meccas.

Does anyone already have anything like this? I’d love to see pictures. And, I’d love to see this set up in a mid-mod home!

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9 replies on “Miniature Modern

  1. Thanks for the great mention! If anyone has any info to share on these great miniatures please pass it along. They are so cool and I will probably one day regret parting with them!

    1. Shannon, We’re so lucky we found you! You are the go-to person to find or track down everything mid-mod! Aren’t these little rooms so much fun?

  2. I will keep you posted on the Etsy status. It is a work in progress (slow progress). Thanks Lesley and Shannon!

    1. Thanks so much for the link Shopping Sherpa…that is amazing! These look so close in style and design to the Miner Industries ones. I love how you have the people staged in the rooms. I don’t know who ended up buying Tiffany’s “rooms” on eBay, but I’d love it if she can contact them and get pictures after they’ve been set up. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  3. I found the dining room on E-bay years ago and even though it wasn’t the scale I expected I loved it so much that I’ve held onto it in hopes of someday completing a tiny modern house. so every once in a while I do an internet search but until today never came up with anything. Good to know that others love these unique little rooms. Though I didn’t get to buy one today at least I know what the other rooms look like!

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