In the 5280 Magazine article, we got to share our favorite vintage shops in the Denver area. One of my regular “haunts” is ModMood-Retro Consignment out on 44th in Wheat Ridge. The consignment side of the shop is huge and has a lot of turnover. I also like that they don’t restore or improve anything because I prefer to get things cheaper and then make my own restoration decisions.

Here are the things that we’ve gotten over at Retro Consignment.

Check out this sad, torn up little orange couch. The fabric has been destroyed. Apparently by the previous owners’ cats. I’m not too sad since I only paid $100 and the fabric is actually wool and terribly itchy. I’ve already picked out a perfect teal fabric. I just need to save some money for the fabric and upholstery work.


I love how the couch is petite, which works for this somewhat narrow, rectangular room. I also like the open, rounded side. It’s already become my favorite reading spot in the house, despite the itchy fabric.


Here is a couch from Room & Board that looks really similar. This one has the corner unit (maybe mine did originally), but I’m going for this final look, but in turquoise.

I bought the cocktail cart from Retro Consignment right before Christmas. Tim doesn’t like it — he thinks it’s too granny. But, I like the combo of teak, glass and metal. And, the price was great at $85 on sale.


I sort of forgot about this little lamp. I have it in my sewing room. I just love it and it’s little flexible neck makes it perfect for the sewing room. I just need to get a bulb that doesn’t get so hot.

One last thing. Ty always likes to know where Tim travels and wants to know where it is on the map. I got this great vintage globe at ModMood/Retro Consignment.

If you’re out on the west side of Denver, go check out ModMood/Retro Consignment. There is a lot of great stuff out there!

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One thought on “More ModMood-Retro Consignment

  1. hey lesley! thanks so much for participating in the facebook photo contest here at modmood. while you didn’t win, we still wanted to give you a little something for your exceptional photo and purchase. we are holding a $20 gift certificate for you here at the store to redeem.

    thanks again,
    the modmood team

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