When 5280 Magazine interviewed us a few months ago and asked for our favorite Denver mid-century modern vintage resources, Lee Alex Decor was definitely on our list. They are centrally located in Denver (near the Baker neighborhood). It’s a sweet spot for me – between downtown Denver and my house right on Broadway. Because our son, Ty, almost always refused to nap at home, I would often drive around and let him nap while I did all of my drive-through worthy errands (bank, Starbucks, dry-cleaning). But, if I could score the Rock Star parking, I could also peek in the windows while Ty was sleeping. (Don’t worry…he was only 5 feet away from me and nice and secure).

I digress. When I talked to the 5280 interviewer, I forgot a few other things that we purchased from Lee Alex Decor. Here is the rest of the fun.

The two barstools in the picture are from Lee Alex Decor. They are generic Danish teak chairs from the 1950’s. I’d really like to have these lovely barstools from Erik Buck, but I don’t have the “bucks” for that!

I bought three butterfly chairs from Lee Alex Decor. I bought three others from other people, too. And, NONE of them are the same dimensions. Which will make it a real joy for me to make the replacement covers.

Sorry for the bad lighting here. I bought two Eames LCM chairs during Lee Alex Decor’s sale during the Modernism Show last year. These particular chairs came out of the Colorado College Library – the plates are still on the bottom. I passed on the other chairs available where people had carved their initials into them. I have them set up as side chairs in my bedroom and my son’s bedroom. But, I pull them out when we have a lot of guests over.

Tim has been on the lookout for a good Starburst clock.Tim seemed to like this one the best. The clock part doesn’t work, but we just need to replace the little clock motor. A project for another day.


Once again, our lovely C. Jere bird sculpture that was taken out of the Littleton restaurant that Tim remembers from high school. And, I think it fills out that big concrete block wall, too. Tim would like to build a longer, “floating” console that would be a little higher, which I think would help with the scale of the wall, too.



The cocktail cart is from ModMood, but the teak ice bucket is from Lee Alex decor.

Be sure to check out Lee Alex Decor. They are actually in the middle of moving to a new location, but it’s only two blocks from their old Broadway location. They’ve been caught in the Denver permit cluster, so they aren’t open for customers yet (as of August 4), but they are posting updates on their website and Facebook every day. They promise to have twice the space with lots more merchandise. They turnover their inventory very quickly, so there is always something new to see. Now, I didn’t quite realize I had purchased this all from Lee Alex Decor until now.

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6 replies on “More Lee Alex Decor

  1. Wanted to let you know that we have 4 butterfly chairs that my parents purchased in the late 50’s. Was having a heck of a time with the replacement covers, but found Circa 50 to be the best! http://www.circa50.com/butterflychairs.html They have loads of colors in canvas, but we have purchased the outdoor-friendly vinyl weave, and am totally coveting one of the hide covers. I am also a fan of Lee Alex Decor, and have scored several treasures.

    1. Hey Martha…what butterfly chair cover color did you get in the outdoor fabric? I’m looked at their website (repeatedly) and I just hem and haw and can’t decide. Also, since I have 6, I keep balking at the expense. Not that I don’t think their prices are reasonable…I just keep changing my mind! One of my chairs actually came with a custom leather cover. I didn’t love it so much when I got it, but it’s grown on me. Now, it’s one of my favorite cocktail drinking chairs!

      1. I purchased the TAN vinyl. It really is a great neutral. If you want to see them in person, please let me know, and we’ll plan a time for you to come by. I wish they had an orange in the vinyl, as that would be my truest heart’s desire, but no. We had purchased the canvas ones for outdoors, but they only lasted about 3 years, due to fading and some mildew. That’s why we sprung for the vinyl.

  2. Holy Jesus! Is that Jere Birds sculpture all one piece or is it a conglomeration of three smaller ones? I have seen lots of these (and lusted after all of them!) but have never seen one so large!

    1. It’s actually three sets of Jere birds. My husband, Tim, tried to hang them so that they looked like one “flock”. But, we didn’t want to drill into our block wall, so he just drilled into the joints. We really lucked out in finding those crazy birds. We can’t imagine ever finding anything better for that huge wall.

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