Look what I found! Last summer, Denver Historic hosted a tour of Hilltop Mid-Mod houses. We were in a bit of a rush with a cranky and sleepy toddler…and we had just started remodeling our house. I already did blog posts of the other three houses that we saw on the tour. But, I forgot about one that has been perpetually held in a DRAFT in my blog list. Like finding a couple bucks buried in a jacket!

This is the Neufield House. This recent remodel is especially cool because the new homeowner updated/remodeled/restored his house WITH the oversight of the original architect. I wish I had written down all of the info, but I thought how fun that is. I sometimes wish we could chat with our homes’ builder/architect!

Also, if you click in the first picture, you will be taken to my Flickr stream where you can see every picture I took in the house!

Oh yea, you know why I love this house, right? It’s the flat roof!


The rooms were really light and spacious. I love the awning windows. I think those might be Milgard aluminum replacement windows. I have two in my addition.


They had a table full of photography of the house from the 50’s and 70’s. They were credited as being from the Denver library. Someone mentioned that I wasn’t supposed to take pictures of the pictures, but I promise I didn’t see any sign telling me not to!


Isn’t that table crazy? I love the legs. I didn’t even notice that until today when I put this pic in the post. I was so fixated on the clean kitchen lines before.


Isn’t this lovely?


Okay…I know this is a super close-up of the exterior brick/tile. But, I NEED to tell ¬†you about this. Apparently, all of this was painted at one time. That means someone stripped it all. Look closely. That is grooved brick/tile (terra cotta?) Whoever did this stripping work was a master! I say this as someone who has drowned myself in booze after long, depressing days of stripping wood and aluminum windows.


Now this beautiful wall unit is not something that I’ve ever seen described as a mid-mod piece. In fact, I ALMOST bought a unit like this in my last condo before I ever got into our mid-century modern love affair. But let me introduce you to one of my favorite things…This is a Vitsoe Unit. It was originally designed in 1960, which I guess, does make it, indeed, a mid-century modern joy. It’s still sold and has even more options now. I know it looks so simple, but it is totally configurable, sturdy in its solid German engineering, and I’m pretty sure I need to save my pennies for a setup. I know Tim wants a Cado unit, but I might fight him on this one.


Hope you enjoyed my little buried find!

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