The house “project” has been in the works for almost 3 years now including planning, construction and ongoing projects. So, it was a lot of fun to be interviewed for 5280 Magazine for their August 2011 issue. We weren’t exactly sure what would be pictured in the article and what would be said, but I got a peek today. If you’re a home subscriber, you should be getting your copy this week. If you’re in the Denver area, you can pick up a copy soon.

Just a few things that I want to mention about the article. First, all of the photographs in the article were taken by Stacie Smith. I don’t know if they gave her proper credit, but she photographed everything. Check out her website here. ¬†She takes great pictures of both houses and people (like our kiddo, Ty).

Second, the article didn’t provide the website of our architect, Chris Craver. Chris is with C2 Architecture at He is incredibly efficient, creative and open to true collaboration and is sensitive to thoughtful historic restorations.

The article states that we had a 2,000 square foot addition. Well, I certainly wouldn’t be able to clean a house that big. Actually, we added approximately 800 square feet to our original 1200 square foot home for a final total of 2,000 square feet. (You can check out the plans here.) As Goldilocks would say, not too big and not too small. Perfect for our family.

The article states that our walls are made of teak. While that would be pretty, our walls are actually mahogany veneer, which matches the original solid mahogany trim throughout the house. We couldn’t strip the actual mahogany veneer because, well, because it’s just veneer. But, we did strip every single bit of solid mahogany in the house and we got new mahogany veneer panels to match.

And, finally, I always want to give a shout out to Arapahoe Acres at and Colorado Historic Preservation at Both of these sites have lots of interesting information about our historically recognized mid-century modern neighborhood and are loaded with valuable information about historical restorations.

If you just got your copy of 5280 Magazine and are visiting midmodredo for the first time, please take a look around or come back soon. I’ve got lots of fun pictures and mid-century modern goodness for this month to celebrate the Denver Modernism Show. I’m also going to do blog posts this week showing pics of even more vintage fun that I bought at all of the featured shops.

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