If you’re looking for some more modern fun in October, you might want to check out the Denver Modern Home Tour this weekend, October 22. The event is being produced by a team out of Austin, TX. They’ve produced similar events in other cities, but this is their first time in Denver. Now, they aren’t mid-century modern homes. More new modern homes.

Before we realized that Denver had mid-century modern homes, Tim and I were trying to figure out how we could finagle a new modern home. We’re happy that we ended up in our 1955 mid-mod home, but we always love to hit open houses at new modern homes. Of course, I’m always tickled to see how many “new” home features are actually recycled ideas from mid-century builders. Hey, if it was a good idea in the 1950’s, then it’s probably still a good design idea, right?

Anyway, if you’re interested in new modern homes and/or trying to check out different developments (single family and multi-family homes) here in the Denver area, you should try to check out the Denver Modern Home Tour on Saturday, October 22.

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