As part of the new hosted blog, I’m trying to get everyone’s links on my blogroll. Our architect, Chris Craver, has a new website at with his portfolio of private work. I guess we haven’t annoyed him too much yet, but I’m doing my best not to hyperventilate over our intial construction bids. We got really lucky in finding him through our agent, Shannon Stanbro. Chris lives in Arapahoe Hills, a “sister” neighborhood to our Arapahoe Acres and is having “fun” restoring his midmod house, also.

Imaged created by Chris Craver, C2 Design

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4 replies on “Our Redo Architect – C2 Design

  1. The two houses on my blog (thanks for the comment by the way)are basically IN Inspiration Park at about 52nd and Sheridan ish.

    Great house by the way! I look forward to reading your blog! Love all these Denver Mid-Century folks!

  2. What a cool house! And the neighborhood is amazing, too. Looks like you’re going to be busy for the next decade or so… haha. Good thing it’s a labor of love, huh? Love what you’re doing with the paneling. If stripping the beams just becomes too much, Eichler and our Rummer (a Likeler) painted beams Oxford Brown from Rodda Paint.
    Good luck!

  3. Thanks Mary-Frances! I don’t think we’ve lurked through that neighborhood yet. My husband is from Denver and had no idea there were so many great Mid-Century homes here.

  4. Thanks Steve…we may just need to use that Oxford Brown on our beams. We’re “testing” the stripping on the beams in just one room now to determine our patience and the effectiveness. But, we did think that a back-up plan could be using a brown paint. You have officially given me my first blog tip…much appreciated!

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