Sometimes I hate to post about something until we’re done with a project. BUT, if I waited until we finish, it might never get posted! We worked on the patio over the Memorial Day weekend. It would be so much better if we had an entire work crew. Here is the progress so far.

Here is Tim grading the patio. This is always harder than I imagine. Because Tim has the patio slightly sloped away from the house, the grading has to be pretty precise. Tim is using two 2 x 4’s that have been connected. He uses it to “drag” the grey breeze into a consistent slope.

Now, Tim is tamping the grey breeze so that it is a consistent, hard base.

Because the stones are NOT consistent in size, I measured all of the sandstone pavers and wrote the depth on the side. Then, I sorted all of the stones into stacks by their size. This way, it is a little easier to group each row into consistent stone depths. Sort of tedious, but it seems easier to actually lay the stone.

Here is how far we got…170 stones out of the total 500 that we need to install. Looks so good, but it looks like so small now. We’ll see how far we get this weekend.


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