Denver Ikea has finally opened! Now, it may seem funny that I’m so excited that Ikea is here since I prefer to buy vintage furniture most of the time. But, there are simply too many things that Ikea does so well and affordably! We had an Ikea right across the bridge when we lived in San Francisco for 9 years. We loved our Ikea closet system and simple Ikea shelves. And, there products have gotten consistently better over the years.

I’ve been waiting to buy simple wall shelves for my son’s room. And shelves for the laundry room. And a complete closet system for our walk-in closet. All of those will need to wait for now. Here is what I got last week at Ikea. I think it works perfectly with my vintage furniture.

I’ve been waiting to buy these little white patio chairs. I like that they stack and they are so simple. I also like that I can bring them inside for a party if I needed. I also like the $39 price tag.

Sorry for the bad lighting on this. I don’t usually use placemats, but I thought these green rubbery placemats were great. Especially since the Ty boy is a messy little eater.

We bought these galvanized metal bins at Ikea about 10 years ago. They all have lids on them. We used them in our condo for storage. Sometimes, I had them stacked high in the corner. Other times, I used them as little end tables and hid my linens in them. I’ve almost ditched them a half-dozen times. I think we have the perfect use for them now. We added casters and then planted all of our herbs in them. We’ll try to roll the carts inside for the winter and see if the herbs live. This is definitely one of those Ikea purchases that had outlived my intentions.

What have you bought at Ikea so far?

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One thought on “Pent Up Ikea Wants

  1. I am so glad to finally have an Ikea in Denver! My friend and I went for opening day, which also happened to be my birthday. I haven’t bought a lot yet, but just having the option is great. I absolutely love their fabric, if only they would restock it. 🙁

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