It’s been a crazy last two weeks. And very productive. Here are the biggies.

  • All of the beams for the addition are in place and welded together.
  • The roof & ceiling was completely ripped off of the original house. Can you say rotten ceiling?
  • The new tongue & groove ceiling was installed in the addition and the new house. It is beautiful. Also, it is officially how we are over budget for the project. But, we think it will be worth it!
  • I ripped out the nails from the original hardwood floors so we can re-use them in the new closets.
  • The framing is done!
  • Rough electric is done!
  • HVAC rough is almost done and the heater & A/C will be installed next week.
  • Stripping & sanding hell CONTINUES!
  • Lots of nit-picky finish trim decisions have been made
  • The fence is ALMOST finished. They are working on the punch list.

Check out the pics & let me know what you think.

All of the pics can be seen over at Flickr by clicking on this picture.

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2 replies on “Lots of Remodeling Progress

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