So much happening at the house. So much happening that I haven’t had much time to post any updates. Let’s just say that we’re AT THAT POINT. Remodeling fatigue. We’re tired and broke, but seeing the light. We’re on the countdown, but we have SO much left to do. Here’s some highlights.

We finally got our roof. We don’t have the fascia and flashing yet, but we have an actual functioning roof. We went from an R-Value of 5.3 something to an R-Value of 38 something. Don’t quite understand it, but it means we might actually have some energy efficiency now. We went from NO roof insulation to 6 inches of poly-iso foam. It’s really beautiful. It hasn’t been without angst. Our roofing contractor is a complete grumpy jack-ass. I simply told our contractor to keep him away from me!


We also have a slight slope in our roof so that the water actually DRAINS to the back of the house. No more draining to non-functional gutters on the front of our house. AND, the gutters are hidden. They’ll be behind the fascia, so they’ll be invisible little soldiers.


The Milgard operable windows have arrived. Two of them have been installed. The sliding glass door in the dining room is basic and simple, but nice. It will be really nice when we ditch the plastic faux wood handle circa 1976 and get a matching aluminum handle. Tim & I sorta dropped the ball on this one. We thought we were getting a 3 panel slider where two of the panels slid to the side. Wrong. It is a 3 panel slider where only the middle slider opens. We didn’t scrutinize this enough. Our bad. We were so focused on our big Nana-Wall coming next week that we kind of blew off this detail.


They installed our floor to ceiling window in our study. We went for a similar dimension as our original windows. The exterior is nice, but that is really more the “service” side of the yard…not where any entertaining will happen. But, it looks really fabulous from the inside and it really allows great light into the room. I’m really happy with our decision on this room and window.

I’ve been working on cleaning up our original aluminum windows. They are in bad shape. They had awful storm windows attached and layers and layers of paint. We are working with our windows guy, Randy, from Andersen Exteriors, to remediate the original windows instead of replacing. We’re testing one window now and I’m stripping off the crap loads of paint & digging our the glazing. They already look great, but it’s a pain. Randy is going to put double-pane glass into the original panes and reglaze them and get them all tight for us. I can’t wait to bring them back to life.

We received our order of custom redwood siding for the addition. It is milled identical to the original redwood siding that had held up beautifully for the last 50 years. The redwood was expensive and felt a bit shameful for killing a redwood tree, but we didn’t need a ton (since we have so many windows and concrete block exteriors) and we know it’s the most hearty thing we could do that we wouldn’t have to replace. We hate to paint it!

More plumbing work is coming along. The rough-in has been done and the plumbers have “cleaned-up” the mess of crap from the last house flipper that did the most recent round of work without permits and most decidedly not to code. The tankless water heater goes in next week, but we are all ready for our new laundry in the house. No more going to the basement OUTSIDE in the winter for laundry. (Okay, that really meant that I didn’t do a lot of laundry last winter).

The electricians got our new services located and they are ready to get our permanent power back up. No, it’s not a sexy feature, but won’t it be nice when I don’t constantly trip the circuits?

The highlight of our week has been working with a STAIN EXPERT…AKA The Lacquer Man to stain our ceiling and beams. Staining the ceiling and beams is a bit more complicated (and toxic) than we had anticipated, but we were lucky enough to hire a professional finisher for two weeks. He is custom mixing our stains and getting our beams and ceiling tongue & groove done. Which means that we are busting our butts getting the stripping all done. We WOULD have been done, but we had to back-track a bit to clean up water stains from the water coming into the house when we didn’t have a roof. We’re a little peeved about that, but we had freakish amounts or rain, so we’re just trying to suck it up and drink a bit more until we don’t care.
So, by next week, all of ceiling & beams should be done!

So what’s next?
– Build out fascia & flashing & finish downspouts
– Install rest of windows – all of the fixed glass (no frames, just fixed between wood stops)
– Hang drywall – Can’t wait to have walls!
– Install HVAC system – Lots of work has been happening, but it will be nice when the furnace is installed this week.
– Install electric outlets, switches, etc.
– Trim EVERYTHING – steel beams, windows, wall panels
– Put down first layer of floor leveler – This was supposed to happen this week, but our lovely floor guy’s family got hit by the piggy flu. I insisted that he stay home with his family & get better and wait a week!
– Finish staining ceiling & beams
– Resume kitchen cabinet building
– Finish stripping & finishing mahogany scattered throughout house
– Get permanent power hooked back up.
– Get back to stripping concrete block
– Figure out paint & sealers for concrete block
– Get paint color matched for our original house colors – Stealth Grey!

Lots happening, but we’re trying to stay motivated. We’re dreaming of the days when we get to hang out and enjoy our house instead of the constant weekends that we wear face masks & eat dust.

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