Really, I didn’t run away. I promise. Although, I wouldn’t have minded a little runaway time to a beach. I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything since January. We’ve been busy, though. Not nearly as busy as last year, but we’ve been trying to knock out small projects. I promise there are lots of posts in the queue now. Be sure we’re in your RSS reader because there is more coming!

It’s that time again…time for the yard work. Last year was all Phase 1 work…grading the yard, seeding the grass and building out the garden…mostly setting the framework for the yard. Phase 2 has officially started. We would have started earlier, but it’s been too wet! Not that we are complaining. We Coloradans know better than to complain about too much rain, right?

See this big pile of gray breeze? I’m about to haul it up to the backyard to the patio so we can finally set the patio? Thank goodness it’s only 5 cubic yards of gray breeze and not the 25 cubic yards of material that we had to deal with last summer!

Patio, you say? You mean the patio that seems like it will never get built? See this stack of sandstone pavers? Last year, I spent weeks hauling up this sandstone. I had to haul it one stone at a time OVER the front yard retaining wall, through the fence and then stack it up. Because our front yard is on the ground level and our backyard is basically a second story level. Yes, I did calculate it. That is 4 TONS of stone. Needless to say, I had buff arms last summer. So, I guess it’s time for manual labor again.

See this big empty space? That’s where the pavers are going to be installed? Who is installing them, you ask? Um, that would be us. Because like any good MCM loving peeps, we have big ole fancy Champagne taste and cheap fraternity party beer. It would be easier if the stones were standard depths, but they vary between 2″ deep and almost 4″ deep. So, I think we may have to drink a bit to get through this. I just have to remember that this will probably look really good when we’re done.

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