We moved back into the house at the end of January. We are definitely not finished, but it is so nice to be IN the house. I have a spare bedroom now, so I have somewhere to stash unpacked boxes without getting distressed.

I have our pantry, laundry and bedroom closet FUNCTIONAL, so I can tolerate being without kitchen drawers for a while. It’s a luxury to cook in our house. It’s also easier to plug away on projects with Ty in the house…much easier than shuttling between the house and the temporary apartment.

We are STILL waiting for our trim guys to finish straggling door items. It’s a little two steps forward and one step back. The trim guys are really nice guys and do good work, but they work too quickly and often make careless decisions. (Like leaving the paint tape INSIDE of the peek-a-boo door window (I don’t know what that is called). They will fix it, but it adds time and stresses me out. So, I’m trying to stay calm and just keep asking them to fix everything.

Our favorite stain guy, Jim, is back after working a more permanent job. He is great! He started staining the outstanding wood left in the house. Of course, he CAN’T finish until the trim guys finish their stuff. Aagghhhh

Here are a few pics…notice that there are no cabinet doors or drawers. And, lots of things not put away.

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We painted the old block…we’re not sure we got the right grey, but we went ahead for now. I’m working on restoring old furniture for this room and am still trying to figure out the rugs.


We got the vintage globe lights hung last week. I think they look pretty good and am glad I got to avoid the heftier price tags of newer ones. The stain is being applied on the stairway this week.


We’d love a bigger dining table, but we’ll have to settle for our old one for now. Those walls are screaming for some art, so I better get on that.


We’re loving the layout of the kitchen. It’s very similar to our old kitchen layout, but a little stretched out. I’m hoping Tim will be able to get the sliders on the top cabinets over the next week. They are exactly like the original cabinets.


I just liked this picture of the new snow in the sun.


Catching Tim on his iphone.


What’s happening this week?
– I’m HOPING that the trim guys finish everything
– More stain work done…the stairway is in progress now
– More painting baseboards
– Tim is going to make our closet doors (or at least start)
– MORE cleaning of windows (lots of tape is stuck on them)
– loading up the dumpster with all of the leftover junk in our backyard

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  1. Your house looks amazing! I am just about to start some minor renovations the biggest one being striping paint from MANY locations. I know you did a lot of that and I am wondering what products you used and what the best method/tools you found were?

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