Since Tim has his Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture, he has had a long love of modern design. I grew up in Louisiana and was surrounded by country chic, shabby shic, and, Pottery Barn antiques (before they were actually new things sold to look like antiques in Pottery Barn). As a non-design person, I didn’t really have a style. I just knew that I wanted a house with really good windows, whatever that meant. And, I always loved stealthy low slung houses. I liked beach bungalows tucked behind trees and long low ranches.

I’m back in Louisiana for two weeks to hang out with my family. While on a long run this past weekend around LSU, I “found” some mid-century houses that I’ve never noticed before, even though I had walked or run past these houses no less than a thousand times during college. Maybe I didn’t notice them, but maybe they became part of my buried psyche. How could I not notice them?







As always, click on any picture to see obnoxious amounts of pictures in my Flickr stream. Maybe one day I’ll have them more organized and better labeled.

I always loved the LSU student union, but it did seem a little groovy to me. It’s had some updates, but I think they did an okay job. The space is actually great. I wish I could have taken pics of the theater. I remember it being very cool.





We also took the new bridge between St. Francisville to New Roads. Until a month ago, it was connected by a ferry. I’ve never been to New Roads (or, I don’t remember). It’s an oxbow called False River with lots of weekend houses and “camps”. Most of the camps used to really be camps and modest raised homes. Now, there are all sorts of muddles. But, look what I saw. A little trio of NEW modern fishing camps. Aren’t they lovely? I tried to find the architect, but I couldn’t find anything yet. Probably an LSU Architecture Professor.




Also, look where I spent five years of elementary school. I know that many schools were built in the 1950’s and 1960’s and so many of those schools are falling apart now. And most are probably not appreciated for their low slung, stealthy beauty. I love my poor old elementary school. They added on to the school with a completely boring muddle style architecture, because I’m sure NO ONE in my hometown actually appreciates the original awesomeness.




Don’t look now, but some people in my hometown suffer the same syndrome that I like to call “Lots of money, but no taste”. While MOST of the homes around the LSU lakes are mostly not modern, they are still grand southern beauties. But, every now and then, someone decides to scrape something perfectly good and build something like this. Otherwise known as the monster McMuddle house that made my eyes bleed. But, I couldn’t look away. Oh, the horror.


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