I swore I’d never do mass stripping after our kitchen remodel in San Francisco. Never say never! I am the stripping queen these days. I’ve been working on the solid mahogany trim that is around the windows, door frames and closets. I used CitriStrip and Soy Gel to remove the white paint. But, there is still a 50 year-old layer of stain and grime. I’ve been using the standard sander with coarse sand paper. I think the sand paper is vintage. Tim’s sister-in-law’s uncle passed away last year. They inherited all of his woodshop tools and supplies. So, I’ve been using 50 year-old sandpaper that was made inĀ  China and Japan. Some has worked well. Others, not so well.

Look at the difference between the before and after. I think it’s going to be pretty!


I’m having a hard time with the corners and nooks and crannies. Anyone have recommendations for good corner tools?


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