We are officially INSANE! We did a very tiny test a few weeks ago on our interior concrete block. It is all painted (in poop color, no less) and Tim is desperate to see it in it’s natural, unpainted state. Do you know how hard it is to scrape paint from all the nooks and crannies of 54 year old concrete block? Oh yes…messy affair, but it already looks promising. So, to further test our theories and methods, we rented a power washer to work on the exterior block. It’s pretty crude looking now, but we already like the way it looks.

We’re also glad we’re doing this from a maintenance point of view. The concrete block has NEVER had any pointing maintenance. So, the stripping is actually helpful, in addition to being a huge aesthetic thing. We need to get the paint off to expose the gaping cracks in some of the block so we can actually repair it instead of simply slapping more coats of paint on it. We didn’t do the whole exterior, as we’ll wait until we’re moved out of the house. But, now we have our game plan and method. Method being:

– Apply stripper (SoyGel or CitriStrip)
– Apply plastic sheeting to stripper and let it “cook” for at least 12 hours
– Remove sheeting
– Start power washing
– Scrub with wire coated brush

Oh fun!



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4 replies on “Stripping Concrete Block

  1. Hi Goro…I did try Peel Away. We tried it on our wood a while ago and didn’t love it. I decided to try it on the concrete block this weekend. No luck. It just gummed it up and made it a little harder to strip. So, I let it dry up and then reapplied the CitriStrip, which is a bit easier. I like Soy Gel, too…but it costs a bit more. I’ll be posting more updates & pics this weekend on my stripping capers!

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