It’s been a busy week with our remodel. The excavators moved many, many truckloads of dirt from our backyard. I thought we accidentally ordered a swimming pool! The excavators pulled up the two remaining tree stumps and then did all of the rough grading in the back yard.

The excavators dug the big HOLE that will become our 3 foot crawlspace. We had the dirt compacted. The Geotechnical engineers did their magic soils testing. The survey engineers came and did their official staking for the addition.


We had three Helical Piers installed. Who knows what they are? They apparently are big welded monsters that are buried deep in the earth and it basically anchors our existing house to the addition. Sounds nifty. It better be for the price.

The structural engineer came over to do his inspection which the City Building Inspector required. Yea, more stamped letters at a cost of $250 a pop. (But since I plan on living in the house for another 50 years, I think I’m happy for all of this scrutiny).

Yesterday and today, the foundation got started. They got a slow start because their office had major hail damage & a downed tree, but I think they’ll make up the time. Here are the forms coming together. I guess they’ll be pouring the footers tomorrow.


I’ll be happy when I see walls!

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