This Landscape is Killing Me

by lesley on August 13, 2011

I’ve battled the landscape all week. Little plants are so easy to just pop in the ground and mulch up. But, these 17 Buckthorn shrubs about killed me. I needed to haul in about 20 wheel barrels of dirt to build up the space, then compost, then planting, then mulching. And, they are threatening to die on me. I am watering almost constantly to keep them perked up, but I think the heat has just been too much. I think the heat is loosening up, so I think they will be happier now. These border the fence line behind the patio. Vinca (Periwinkle) is planted below them as ground cover. It doesn’t look like much now, but the vinca will cover the entire ground area within a few years. I think the shrubs can grow as tall as 10 feet tall, but Tim intends to keep them trimmed to the fence height.

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