Well, it’s not a formal project plan, but here are the numerous things that we’ve done and still need to do for our remodel/renovation. They are somewhat in order, but not necessarily. I’ll add things here as we decide to add more. It always happens!

  1. Architectural Plans
  2. Detailed site survey
  3. Meet with neighbors to make sure we’re not going to piss them off.
  4. Select contractor
  5. Collect bids
  6. Collect straggling bids for the items that are still unknown And I don’t want any more bids. Out of money, ya know!
  7. Structural Engineer Design
  8. Sign Letter of Authorization with Contractor
  9. Get Financing (which required its own set of steps)
  10. Submit plans for building permit/zoning review
  11. Trees Removed & Milled
  12. Move out of house into temporary apartment
  13. Demo the house (Just parts that are being replaced)
  14. Asbestos Testing – All Clear!
  15. Demo the backyard, side covered patio, fence & retaining walls, concret
  16. Remove storm windows
  17. Rolloff delivered
  18. Strip & sand beams throughout house
  19. Strip mahogany trim
  20. Get temporary power
  21. Demo closets (being reconfigured)
  22. Lead Paint Testing
  23. Remove interior doors
  24. Strip Interior Concrete Block
  25. Strip Exterior Concrete Block
  26. Excavate site
  27. Replace sewer pipe
  28. New connection from sewer pipe to plumbing
  29. Rough grading
  30. Finish selecting fixtures & finishes (sink, faucet, etc.)
  31. Geotech soil samples
  32. Surveyors stake footers
  33. Footers (form & pour)
  34. Install Hielical Piers
  35. Independent Structural Letter
  36. Order Nanwall – big west facing window wall
  37. Order rest of windows
  38. Foundation
  39. Backfill foundation
  40. Fence Installation
  41. Build new gate
  42. Waterproofing/Drainage
  43. Backfill/Fine Grading /Compaction Testing
  44. Remove oak floors from existing living room/dining room (flooring to be relocated)
  45. Framing
  46. Concrete Block
  47. Roof Tear Off
  48. Redeck roof/ceiling
  49. Prewiring – CAT6/Coax
  50. Roofing
  51. Electric
  52. Plumbing
  53. HVAC system
  54. Stain Ceiling T&G and Beams
  55. Touch-Up Ceiling, T&G, Beams, and Mahogany Walls – Forever on Hold until we think we’re done with random projects.
  56. Fascia & Downspouts
  57. Repair Fascia that is warping & is a disaster – need to wait until we have more money
  58. Install Exterior Siding
  59. Install Windows
  60. Replace glass for fixed glass (historical windows)
  61. Replace glass in casement windows (historical) – need to wait until we have more money
  62. Hang drywall / wood walls
  63. Interior Trim Work
  64. Install Cork Flooring
  65. Remove 1 million twisted nails from existing oak flooring
  66. Refinish oak flooring in existing house
  67. Install phone/cable outlets & punch-downs
  68. Reconnect Permanent Electric Service
  69. Reconnect Phone Service – forget this one…no home phone now
  70. Reconnect Cable Service
  71. Build kitchen cabinets
  72. Build kitchen cabinet drawers
  73. Build cabinet door fronts
  74. Stain all cabinets
  75. Install cabinets
  76. Install appliances
  77. Install countertops
  78. Install kitchen backsplash
  79. Repair existing masonry (mostly fireplace that is trying to fall down)
  80. Repair/clean interior brick stairway
  81. Repair/Clean-up damage from glue flying off of roof in wind storm into driveway, concrete block wall, new concrete block planter and garage door. Big Mess!
  82. Build new stairway rails
  83. Stain mahogany trim, wall panels, kitchen cabinets
  84. Build bathroom cabinets
  85. Stain bathroom cabinets
  86. Re-float bathroom drywall
  87. Re-grout bathroom tile
  88. Enclose 3rd bedroom & build out closets
  89. Install new toilets
  90. Gut old bathroom cabinets
  91. Install bathroom sink/cabinets/fixtures
  92. Install Lighting
  93. Interior Painting but you KNOW that there is always more touch-up painting, right?
  94. Exterior Painting BUT, since we did our own painting, we definitely have touch-up painting, and I (Lesley) certainly can’t get on a ladder anymore after my ladder “accident”.
  95. Hang Doors
  96. Exterior flatwork (patios, driveway) – Yea, that’s not gonna happen this year!
  97. Replace wood on garage door – we have the wood, but not the time to do it yet.
  98. Build out master closet shelving – Oh yea, Ikea opens July 27!
  99. Design study built-in’s. (May Will defer to later)
  100. Build garden raised beds & Plant garden – yea, it was great our first year!
  101. Decorate! Always in process
  102. Historic Tax Credit Final Application – Done, Done, Done – approved & received!
  103. Replace exterior front soffit and re-insulate
  104. Install irrigation system
  105. Install fruit trees & ground cover in back yard
  106. Landscape front yard
  107. Landscape back yard – In progress over 2010 and 2011 and will keep going in 2012
  108. Stone Patios
  109. Side patio wood decking
  110. Build shelving in Ty & 3rd bedroom closets
  111. Build custom shelving & desk in office/study
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